Coltri / Nuvair Compact MCH13/7 & MCH16/9 Semi-Enclosed High Pressure Compressor


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Coltri / Nuvair Compact MCH13/7 & MCH16/9 Semi-Enclosed High Pressure Compressor

Semi-sound proofed filling station. The compressor switches off automatically when the pressure level set by the operator is reached. Timed automatic condensate discharge using electromagnetic solenoid valves. The tank mounted on the frame holds the condensate for pollution free disposal. Vibration reduction is achieved by insulating the motor and pumping unit from the frame by means of rubber supports. Special consideration has been given to the cooling of the compressor. The cooling fan diameter has been increased to 440 mm and grills on the frame ensure that air flows smoothly through the unit. Oil and filter change are a simple operation on this compressor.


  • Motor Starter
  • Automatic Condensate Drains
  • Dial-A-Pressure Switch
  • Automatic Stop
  • Hour Meter
  • Semi Sound Proof Cabinet
  • External Oil Sight Gauge
  • 345 bar Max Pressure
  • Grade E Breathing Air Filtration
  • 2 Fill Whips
  • Stainless Steel Intercoolers


  • High Temp Shut Down
  • Low Oil Shut Down
  • Interstage Pressure Gauges
  • Visual CO & Moisture Indicator


Model Compact MCH13/7 Compact MCH16/9
Filling Time * Approx. 9 min Approx. 7.5 min
Cubic Feet/Minute 7.6 FAD 8.9 SCFM 9.4 FAD 10.8 SCFM
Litres/Minute 215 265
Motor Single or Three Phase Electric Single or Three Phase Electric
Option E1 230V-50 or 60Hz 25 Amp 34 Amp (Model# 8033.1)
Option E3 230V-50 or 60Hz 14 Amp 20 Amp (Model# 8032.2)
Option E3 440V-50 or 60Hz 7 Amp 10 Amp (Model# 8032.3)
Motor Power 4 kW 5.5 kW
Max. Op. Pressure 345 bar 345 bar
RPM 1350 1550
Number of Stages 3 3
Number of Fill Hoses 2 2
Condensate Drain Automatic Automatic
Fill Pressure Stop Automatic Automatic
Sound Level @ 3 Meters 79 dB 81 dB
Dimensions (HxWxD)** 84x89x60cm 84x89x60cm
Weight 141-181 kg 151-195 kg
Lubrication Splash lubrication, capacity 1.5L
Air Quality DIN 3188 - CGA Grade E - NFPA 1500 - EN12021

*Single cylinder from 35 - 207 bar **Singe Phase enclosure 84x105x70cm