Coltri / Nuvair MCH30-36 Semi-Enclosed Open Vertical High Pressure Compressor


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Coltri / Nuvair MCH30-36  Semi-Enclosed Open Vertical High Pressure Compressor

The Open MCH30 & MCH36 open cabinet is designed for high use in hot humid conditions and is rated for continuous duty use up to 414 bar. It has the MCH30 or MCH36 four stage compressor block with up to 26.4 SCFM charging rate. Purchase, maintenance and operation costs are significantly lower than similar sized compressors in the market place.


  • Open Configuration for easy access and cool running
  • Operation Panel with Start/Stop, "Dial-A-Pressure" Automatic Shutdown, Condensate Test Button, High Temperature Display, Automatic Shutdown for High Temperature and Low Oil, Phase Control (Proper Rotation) Recognition, Wrong Voltage Recognition, Hour Meter, Stage and Oil Pressure Gauges
  • Low Pressure Oil Pump, Filter and Oil Level Sight Gauge
  • Large Stainless Steel Interstage Cooling Tubes with Large Condensate Separators
  • Dual Filter Filtration 60,000 cu ft
  • 414 Bar Max Pressure
  • Grade E Breathing Air Filtration
  • Interstage Pressure Gauges
  • 4 Fill Whips
  • Electric Motor
  • Stainless Steel Intercoolers


  • Visual CO & Moisture Indictator
  • Audible and Visual CO and High Temp Alarm with Shutdown
  • Filtration Upgradeable to 90,000 cu. ft.


Model Open Vertical MCH 30 Open Vertical MCH 36
Filling Time * Approx. 4 min Approx. 3.3 min
Cubic Feet/Minute 17.5 FAD 21 SCFM 22 FAD 26.4 SCFM
Liters/Minute 500 FAD 623 FAD
Motor Three Phase Electric Three Phase Electric
230 V - E3 - 60Hz 11 kW (Part#8042.2) 15 kW (Part#8044.2)
400 V - E3 - 50 Hz 11 kW (Part#8042.6) 15 kW (Part#8044.6)
460 V - E3 - 60 Hz 11 kW (Part#8042.3) 15 kW (Part#8044.3)
RPM 1100 1300
Max Operating Pressure 414 Bar 414 Bar
Number of Stages 4
Number of Fill Hoses 4
Condensate Drain Auto Drains
Sound Level @ 3 Meters 75 dB 77 dB
Dimensions (HxWxD) 155 x 79 x 102 cm
Weight 363 Kg
Lubrication Gear Driven Oil Pump lubrication, capacity 4.25L
Air Quality DIN 3188 - CGA Grade E - NFPA 1500 - EN12021

*Single cylinder from 34 to 207 bar