Coltri / Nuvair Super Silent EVO High Pressure Compressor


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Coltri / Nuvair Super Silent EVO High Pressure Compressor

The Super Silent EVO has been sound-proofed so well that only a sound level under 70 dB can be heard from just a few feet away. It is a fully automatic station with a complete range of instrumentation for ease of operation. The pump is a three-stage unit with cylinders made of special heavy duty cast iron. The compressed air is cooled with a stainless steel aftercooler that ensures the air entering the filter system is only 4°C hotter than the intake air. There are safety relief valves for each stage of compression. It has two condensate separators and one filter chamber with a replacable cartridge. This ensures the air compressed into the cylinders is clean and free of contaminates.


  • Motor Starter
  • Automatic Condensate Drains
  • Interstage Pressure Gauges
  • Dial-A-Pressure Switch
  • Automatic Stop
  • Hour Meter
  • Sound Proof Cabinet
  • External Oil Sight Gauge
  • Low Oil Shut Down
  • High Temp Shut Down
  • 345 bar Max Pressure
  • Grade E Breathing Air Filtration
  • 2 Fill Whips
  • Stainless Steel Intercoolers


  • Visual CO & Moisture Indicator
  • Additional Filtration


Model Super Silent EVO MCH13/7 Super Silent EVO MCH16/9
Filling Time * Approx. 9 min Approx. 7.5 min
Cubic Feet/Minute 7.6 FAD 8.9 SCFM 9.4 FAD 10.8 SCFM
Liters/Minute 215 265
Motor Single or Three Phase Electric Three Phase Electric
Option E1 230V-50 or 60Hz 25 Amp N/A
Option E3 230V-50 or 60Hz 14 Amp 20 Amp (Model# 8035.2)**
Option E3 440V-50 or 60Hz 7 Amp 10 Amp (Model# 8035.3)**
Motor Power 4 kW 5.5 kW
Max. Op. Pressure 345 bar 345 bar
RPM 1350 1550
Number of Stages 3 3
Number of Fill Hoses 2 2
Condensate Drain Automatic Automatic
Fill Pressure Stop Automatic Automatic
Sound Level @ 3 Meters 66 dB 69 dB
Dimensions (HxWxD)** 137x90x87cm 137x90x87cm
Weight 177 kg 187 kg
Lubrication Splash lubrication, capacity 1.5L
Air Quality DIN 3188 - CGA Grade E - NFPA 1500 - EN12021

* Single cylinder from 34 to 207 bar ** Part number reflects 60Hz Model. Inquire about 50Hz Model part number