Commercial Two Piece Suit - Neotech


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Commercial Two Piece Suit - Neotech

Neptune has been manufacturing custom wetsuits and neoprene accessories for military, commercial divers and public safety services such as police, helicopter rescue teams and surf rescue for many years.

The Neptune commercial two piece Neotech suit is hard wearing, flexible, comfortable and warm. You won't get a more functional and better fitting commercial suit.

The Neotech suits are particularly favoured for their stretch and ability to conform to a diver's body and fit a wider range of body shapes. The suit features secure stitch technology with limited lifetime guarantee, infinite fit system and Neoshield wear patches. Choose a thickness combination in the hooded jacket and long john to suit your needs. Custom options are also available on request.

  Standard Jacket 7mm 349.00
  Standard Jacket 9mm 399.00
  Long John 7mm 349.00
  Long John 9mm 399.00





Men's Sizes: 3 slim, 3, 3 solid, 4 slim, 4 4 solid, 5 slim, 5, 5 solid, 6 slim, 6, 6 solid

Women's Sizes: 8, 10 slim, 10, 10 solid, 12 slim, 12, 12 solid, 14 slim, 14, 14 solid, 16

Made to measure sizing is available at extra cost

Commercial Suit Optional Extras

  Wrist Zips (pair) 49.00
  Neoprene Cargo Pocket (each) 40.00
  Integrated Flat Pocket (each) 50.00
  Front Zip on Long John 40.00
  Standard Fly Zip on Long John 59.00
  Ti-Zip Fly Zip on Long John 99.00
  Reflective Tape on Legs and Arms 50.00
  Neoprene Elbow Pads (pair) 36.00
  Kevlar Elbow Pads 130.00
  Kevlar Knee Pads 130.00
  Kevlar Shoulder Pads 130.00
  Neoprene Forearm Utility Pocket (each) 48.00
  Additional Printing on Suit

     on application    









Neptune is also able to place customised graphics/company logos on the chest of your suit and your website address down the right arm if required. The Neptune logo will be placed on the left arm and on the thighs of the suit. For new customers there is a one-time graphics setup fee for each colour plus an additional cost per suit for a two (or more) colour logo application.

Graphic Setup Costs

  Screen Setup Cost (first colour or one colour only screen)  65.00 + GST
  Additional Screen Setup Cost (second colour cost for two colour screen)

 50.00 + GST 

  For Two Colour Screen Printing and Additional "per suit" Fee Applies 1.50 + GST