Diver LP Panel SSD&M


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The air/nitrox Divers' Supply Control Panel is designed to allow two independent air (or up to 40% Nitrox gas) supplies to be individually connected to the inlet side of the panel by means of the male connections. These are male CJEN connections that require a double action to disconnect.
The unique design of the panel has a number of features that enables reliability and simplicity of use for the trained operator/s.

The control panel is manufactured from stainless steel and chrome plated brass, and all control valves, fittings, gauges and tubing are made from high quality stainless, brass and specialised high-pressure flexible hoses. The rear of the control will highlight the workmanship.Each panel undergoes a full pressure test and function test prior to delivery.

Features of the Control panel include:

  • Dual gas supply to the panel with independent isolation valves for each supply
  • Stainless steel gauges / oil filled for both supply gases and divers gas pressures
  • Whitey ¼ turn valves for all gas supplies to the diver/s and from the gas supplies
  • Rising stem valves (colour coded) for each divers Kluge supply (depth gas supply)
  • Large easy to read diver’s depth gauges – stainless steel 0-60 meters seawater scale
  • Cross over gas supply valve for emergency gas supply to diver/s
  • Colour coded control valve handles for ease of identification
  • High quality Stauff hoses from panel to depth gauges with stainless steel connections
  • Dual outlet connections for diver/s gas supply CJEN female connections with swivels
  • Dual outlet connections for diver/s depth hose connections with open-end male fittings complete with swivels
  • Open ends to prevent accidental pressurisation of depth gauges if hose is not connected
  • Easy to read and identifiable labelling – secured with threaded stainless steel screws
  • Tough panel face which is impact resistant and will not corrode
  • Integrated safety pressure valves to prevent accidental over-pressurisation of panel
  • High flow one-way valves for each diver’s gas supply

Note: Only allow authorised and trained personnel to use this Panel. Do not exceed 40% Nitrox Mixtures. Always carry our pre-dive checks prior to use. Do Not exceed maximum capability of this Panel. Always use with 2 Gas supplies connected. Always secure all hose and connections so as not to place load on connections. Maximum inlet pressure not to exceed 175 PSI.