Mini Sport Booster


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Mini Sport Booster

Popular with technical and rebreather divers, the Mini Sport Booster fills deco bottles, oxygen and diluent rebreather cylinders when low pressure compressed air is the only source of power available.

The Haskel oil-free 4-inch drive Mini Sport Booster is an air driven, air cooled, non-lubricated, lightweight, O2 clean, reciprocating piston, single stage system. The Mini Sport Booster is factory cleaned for oxygen service. The Mini Sport Booster has been designed and manufactured for the dive market, providing performance and reliability at an affordable price. The approximate size ratio of the air drive piston to the gas piston is 25:1. The Mini Sport Booster is factory cleaned by Haskel for Oxygen Service.

The very small size (LxWxH = 14 x 6 x 6.5 inches) and 12-pound weight allow it to be conveniently transported. The Mini Sport Booster can fill cylinders up to 3300 PSI and it can boost with source gas pressures as low as 100 PSI. Operating with a drive air pressure of just 140 PSI means it can be supplied by the LP port of a typical SCUBA first stage regulator and tank.

For maximum flexibility, the Haskel Mini Sport Booster is offered in a "naked" configuration, less fittings and hose assemblies. The inlet and outlet gas ports accept standard SAE 9/16"-18 fittings and the drive gas inlet accepts a standard NPT 1/2"-14 fitting. The Mini Sport Booster is FAST!