Nitrox Blending Hose for Oxygen Transfer


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Nitrox Blending Hose for Oxygen Transfer

Model: PDS-O2TH-01

This is a basic hose assembly with connections and digital gauge that allows transfer of oxygen from a large storage cylinder to that of a certified recipient cylinder.

Product features:

  • Type 10 oxygen connection or Index PIN connection
  • Needle control valve with easy grip hand wheel - fine adjustment
  • Stainless steel tee section for gauge, valve & hose interconnection
  • 1 Metre certified Oxygen hose with connections - WP 207 BAR
  • Fill head assembly with control valve, bleeder & either DIN or yoke connection. DIN can be ordered as 200 bar or 300 bar. Specify when ordering
  • Digital Oxygen certified pressure gauge - easy to read - accurate to 0.5%
  • Pelican series 1400 storage / transport case
  • The system comes completely assembled and oxygen cleaned

Note: This hose transfer / decanting hose assembly must only be used by persons suitably trained and certified for gas blending. The assembly leaves our facility fully checked, cleaned and certified, however it is the buyers responsibility to maintain the cleanliness and condition of the system once they have purchased the system. Pro-Diving services Pty Ltd will not accept any liability should the system not be correctly maintained and kept Oxygen clean.