Oxygen Booster System


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Oxygen Booster System

The Model 26968 Oxygen Booster Unit is designed for the use of filling 02 cylinders for use in commercial and military scuba diving applications. Additionally industrial applications of transferring 02 into various high pressure receivers is possible.

This model will pump from high or medium pressure sources and will also function effectively to collect and transfer the gas from partially depleted supply cylinders to “top off” other cylinders in order to maximize pressure.

Conventional compressed air sources are used for all power and control. No electrical connections are required.

The basic booster has two stages. A pneumatic control package continually monitors both inlet cylinder pressure and outlet receiver pressure, stopping the booster automatically when desired outlet or minimum inlet pressure is reached, thus permitting unattended operation.

haskell-gas-boosters-pdf.jpg Haskel Gas Boosters Brochure

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