Pro Trio Analyser


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Pro Trio Analyser

The Model 9603 Nuvair Pro Trio Analyser analyses Oxygen, CO (Carbon Monoxide) and CO2 (Carbon Dioxide). Visual alarms, audible alarms and warning LED lights are incorporated to warn if the air is exceeding the set maximum limits. These setting are adjustable.


The Pro-Trio can be easily mounted alongside an existing Fill panel and connected into the main air supply line coming from the High Pressure compressor to the panel. This allows the operator to monitor air going to the SCUBA cylinder and to the storage cylinders.

A relay can be fitted and wired into the analyse to facilitate the compressor shut down should contamination be detected. This is an optional extra and we would quote separately as well as doing any installation.


Range of models to choose from:

9603-LB Comes with Lithium Battery & charger
603-E 230 volt power supply only



• Inline HP>LP regulator with SPV & flow meter for supply to Pro-Trio
• Inline HP>LP regulator with SPV & flow restrictor for supply to Pro-Trio


Note: These regulators come with a ¼” tube Tee so that the regulator can be usually fitted in line into the HP ¼” Tubing supplying the fill panel.


Customers please note that individual gas analysers are available and in many instances can be directly placed alongside other analysers that may be in use so that the air supply can be interconnected. PDS carry an extensive range of these analysers.