Shark Shield


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Shark Shield

The Shark Shield Freedom 7 and Surf unit are a unique shark deterrent system utilising a technologically advanced three dimensional electrical wave form. Shark Shield technology is available for recreational users – diving, swimming, kayaking, surfing and commercial fisherman to help all people enjoy the water with a new dimension of “peace of mind”; for themselves, their families and employees.

Shark Shield was invented by the South African Government through the Natal Shark Board, home to some of the sharkiest waters in the world. It is used by the Australian Elite Military, the South African Navy the US Coast Guard and is also approved by NATO.

Shark Shield’s can be used when participating in any ocean activities including surfing, body boarding, long boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, free diving, spear fishing, commercial diving, kayaking, ocean swimming and boating or fishing.

Shark Shield’s provide protection against all predatory shark species including Great Whites, Tigers, Zambezis (Bulls), Makos, Bronze Whalers, among others.

Our shark repellent products repel the sharks via an electric field that induces spasms in the sharks’ snouts. It does not attract sharks to the area or leave permanent damage to the animals, or harm the environment. Our products are proven to prevent shark attacks.

Nuvair is the Shark Shield Master Distributor for North, Central and South America. Contact us for the dealer closest to you. 

Shark Shield Technology

The electrical wave-form used in the Shark Shield is based on a technology invented by the Natal Shark Board of South Africa.

Predatory sharks have small gel filled sacs knows as ‘Ampullae of Lorenzini’ on their snouts. They use these short range sensors when feeding or searching for food.

Shark Shield is a three-dimensional electrical wave form which creates an unpleasant sensation impacting the shark’s ‘Ampullae of Lorenzini’. When the shark comes into proximity of the electrical wave form (around 8 meters in diameter) it experiences non-damaging but uncontrollable muscular spasms causing it to flee the area.

The field is projected from the unit by two electrodes, which create an elliptical field that surrounds the user. Both electrodes must be immersed in the water for the field to be created. The electrode configuration depends on the model of the Shark Shield unit.

From testing, the closer the shark is to the Shark Shield field, the more spasms occur in the sharks’ snouts. This becomes intolerable and the shark then veers away, and usually doesn’t return.

A distinct advantage of the unique electrical wave-form is that it deters sharks and does no lasting harm to the shark. Once the shark is out of the affected area, it no longer feels the effect of the electrical wave form.

The original technology was released onto the market in 1995 by POD Holdings Ltd, a joint venture company partly owned by the Natal Sharks Board and the South African Government. In addition to being tested by National Military and others.



The Shark Shield FREEDOM7 is a compact, versatile and light weight personal shark deterrent system. It is the preferred product for scuba divers and open ocean swimmers. It’s designed for all water sports including, kayaking, windsurfing, kite boarding, and Stand Up Paddle boards.

Contents include:

  • Shark Shield unit (with enclosed battery)
  • 2.2m antenna
  • Velcro pouch
  • Universal Charger (will suit any voltage or frequency)
  • Exclusion Zone: Approximately 8 meters in diameter
  • In water weight (Complete): 69 grams (2.4oz)
  • Unit Operating Time: 6-7 hours

The Shark Shield FREEDOM7 is a compact, versatile and light weight personal shark deterrent system which allows you to explore and enjoy the oceans without fear. It’s designed for all water sports including, swimming, spear fishing, bodyboarding and snorkeling and is the preferred product for scuba divers. The Shark Shield FREEDOM7 is fitted to the ankle region with the supplied neoprene and Velcro pouch.

The unit incorporates a velcro pouch, that is attached to the ankle region and 2.2m flexible mesh antenna. Once the antenna is submerged in salt water the electrodes emit the protective field.

The FREEDOM7 antenna has been designed to cause minimum of water resistance and drag on the user.

Shark Shield’s unique wave form elliptical field only affects free swimming sharks and to a minor degree rays and skates. The field generated by the Shark Shield is detected by the shark through its sensory receptors known as Ampullae of Lorenzini, situated on the snout of all predatory sharks. The unique and unfamiliar pulsing sensation emitted by the Shark Shield does not replicate that given off by a fish and does not attract sharks to an area. Shark Shield allows you to hunt, photograph or just swim with all other marine animals roaming freely in their ocean settings.

Product Specifications:

  • Dry Weight (Complete): 950 grams (2.09lb)
  • Weight (unit only): 335 grams (11.8 oz)
  • Maximum Operating Depth: 45 metres (148 feet)
  • Dimensions of Main Unit (without Antenna): 80mm L x 140mm W x 35mm H (3.15″x 5.51″ x 1.5″)
  • Operating Temperature: Between 12° and 40° Celsius (53.6° F and 104°F) Lower temperatures will reduce the operating time.
  • Storage Temperature: Between 0°C and 60°C (32°F and 140°F)
  • Battery pack life: Nominal 300 charges








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